About the ISIpedia Team


The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) offers a framework for consistently projecting the impacts of climate change across affected sectors and spatial scales. An international network of climate-impact modelers contributes to a comprehensive and consistent picture of the world under different climate-change scenarios. More information about the sectors can be found on the ISIMIP website.

Dr. Katja Frieler

Head of Research Department III - Transformation Pathways at PIK

Lead of the ISIMIP project

PI of the ISIpedia project

Research focus: Climate impact attribution and Changes in the occurrence of extreme events. CV and list of publications are listed on her personal website.

ISIpedia Assessment and Editorial Team

The ISIpedia Assessment and Editorial team is responsible for the design, development and editorial oversight of the content of the new ISIpedia climate-impacts service portal, with a view to servicing stakeholder requirements as collected by the Stakeholder Engagement Team.

Dr. Barbara Templ

Head of the Editorial Team, Project manager of the ISIpedia Project (PIK) Barbara Templ is driven by questions of how species and ecosystems respond to climate change, and how we predict those responses. She has received her PhD in Biology with a specialization in bioclimatology. She is project manager and Head of the editorial team.

Before she joined the ISIpedia project, she worked at various universities (Technical University of Vienna, ETH Zürich), international organizations (eg. United Nations Environmental Programme (Vienna), World Meteorological Organization (Geneva)), as well as in national organizations in the D-A-CH region, such as the Austrian Meteorological Service (ZAMG, Vienna) and Agroscope (Zürich). She worked at these workplaces as a project manager and as a researcher in various projects related to climate change impact assessments.

Dr. Barbara Willaarts

Associate Editor of the ISIpedia Editorial team (IIASA).

Barbara supports the coordination of the editorial team, managing the contents of the ISIPedia portal and ensuring that state of the art climate impact information is made available in a format that is usable and understandable for end-users. Updating and revising the contents based on the feedback of the stakeholders and potential users is also one key task.

She holds a PhD in Environmental Planning and a Master in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University. Most of her research is oriented to support bridging the gap between science and policy by developing policy-relevant research incorporating stakeholder needs and priorities, as well as translating scientific findings to support informed decision making. Her field of expertise is on water resources management and governance, and its linkage to global drivers like climate change and globalization. In addition to her research career, Barbara also works as a consultant for international organizations like UN and CGIAR. She has working experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Jens de Bruijn

Associate Editor of the ISIpedia Editorial team (IIASA)

Jens is an associate editor on the ISIPedia project. He manages the content on the website, ensuring that descriptions for the indicators are present and understandable for all stakeholders.

Jens is a research scholar at IIASA and postdoctoral researcher at VU IVM. He just finished his PhD work for which he built a global flood detection system using social media. In his current research he focuses on agent based modelling of the hydrological system and its actors. In addition, he works as a consultant in the D-RAS team of the World Bank contributing to rapid damage assessments after major disasters.

Stakeholder Engagement Team

The ISIpedia Stakeholder Engagement Team, based at Climate Analytics, ensures that ISIpedia serves the needs of users by surveying the demand for climate services, facilitating communication between service providers and users, advising the editorial team on user requirements and providing trainings on how to use ISIpedia.

Inga Menke

Stakeholder Engagement Expert of the ISIpedia Project (Climate Analytics)

Dr. Quentin Lejeune

Stakeholder Engagement Expert and Data Analyst of the ISIpedia Project (Climate Analytics)

Quentin coordinates and organizes stakeholder engagement activities such as international workshops or surveys in close cooperation with the other team members and partners of the project. More specifically, he is in charge of the co-production of climate impact information with stakeholders by developing and computing impact indicators for which they have expressed their interest.

Before joining Climate Analytics, Quentin was conducting research in the field of climate science, focusing on the consequences of past and future land-cover changes on regional climate, and the evaluation of related processes in climate models. He conducted his PhD in Climate Science at ETH Zürich, where he later worked as a postdoc and where he is still affiliated. He has also authored a number of peer-reviewed articles.