For Scientists

ISIpedia is a science communication tool to make the latest climate impact research accessible to the public. To this end we invite author teams to distill the societal relevant messages from their scientific publications into ISIpedia articles that will enable citizens, stakeholders and policy makers to make informed decisions in light of climate change. ISIpedia articles should provide relevant information about future climate-related risks, address observed changes in natural or human systems and their attribution to climate change, but also inform about the latest progress in the development of climate impact models.

In general, we assume that you as a scientist have analyzed the ISIMIP2a/2b/3a/3b data with an interesting outcome that is worth to be published in a scientific journal. Given the relevance of the topic, you also wish to disseminate the research outcomes beyond academia to reach the general public. We also accept a second kind of contribution as background stories not published in the scientific literature.

What we wish to achieve in ISIpedia is to provide professional editorial guidance for you to write an article truely accessible to the general public, using everything the web can offer (including curated images, interactive graphics, video or else).

If you would like to contribute your research as an isipedia article, or to have more information, please contact us at .